Monte Givhan is the founder of ruedathon, which was launched in 2013 and held the last weekend of September each year, Ruedathon is an annual Cuban dance and endurance event, during which Casineros from around the world gather in New York City to dance Rueda de Casino through all five boroughs, tracing a path similar to that of the New York City Marathon.


1. New York USA since 2013*

2. Paris France since 2014
3. Stockholm Sweden since 2018
4. Turin Italy 2020

Ruedathon New York?

The NYC Ruedathon  has grown each year, now attracting hundreds of Casineros from around the United States and around the world. Ruedathon has become an international phenomenon, with Casineros throughout Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean now organizing and hosting  their own annual Ruedathons.

web: ruedathon.com

DATE: 25-27th of September 2020


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Ruedathon Paris?

The original concept comes from NEW YORK.

Paris Ruedathon took back this concept, a nice and beautiful route to dance rueda de casino by going out on the most famous places and monuments of Paris.

web: ruedathonparis

DATE: 31st of May 2020


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Ruedathon Stockholm?

The 1st of June at 11-17 & 18-22.00 is the time RuedaMarathon in Stockholm city center! ALL danceschools and dancers are welcome to participate! Ruedathon at 11.00-17.00
After Ruedathon: 6 pm Food inside Gröna Lund & then dancing!

fb page: Stockholm Rueathon

DATE: 1st of June 2019

Days after Ruedathon:

Waiting for next date 🙂

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Ruedathon Turin?

The Ruedathon is a full day of Rueda de Casino around the city.
Born in 2013 in New York (thanks for the brilliant idea Monte Givhan !!!) it was later exported to Paris and arrives this year for the first time in Turin, thanks to the collaboration between Ruedathon Paris and Salsa Casino Torino, with the support of Ruedathon N.Y.

DATE: 8th of May 2020


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